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Mistress Cathy and her BBW girlfriend are torturing Cathy's slave. They are both trapping his head in the middle between their asses and smother him! He is literally stuck in this position and there appears no escape for him. After that he is been sat on his face by them in turn...

Miss Jackson sits on her living cushion's face on the sofa while she surfs the web. She rubs her sexy bbw ass over his face and makes him worship and taste it. She loves to have someone in this position, trapped and unable to escape her heavy butt.

Mistress Cathy has many servants. In this clip she wears her sexy lingerie and sits on her bed. Her ex boyfriend is laying on the ground in front of her with his hands bound together. Her bare feet are resting on his face and then she moves her bbw body and you see the surprise: there is another slave right under her ass. Then she calls out for her third servant who immediately enters the room to follow her instructions...

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