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Mistress G is a sexy brunette bbw mistress with a massive ass. She looks out of her window and sees her neighbor looking into the window. She gets made at this loser peeping tom and drags him to her bed and strips down to her bra and thong and then gets on top of him and smothers him with her big massive ass blocking off any air so he can't breathe at all with her ass over his face.

Her hubby thought he was ready to go to bed but he was in for a very big surprise when his bbw wife Miss Jackson decides to facesit right on top of him as he was about to fall asleep. The bbw is wearing her red lingerie outfit and she places her huge ass right on top of the small face of her husband. He is gasping for air

Sexy Goldie with her succulent big ass tits sits heavy right on top of her slaves face masking him gasp for air underneath her. She is wearing her red thong underwear and is topless showing off her humongous breasts as she smothers the slave underneath her phat ass. It is a full weight face sitting as she squats down hard on top of her slave without any regard for him

Hot blonde Cheyenne looks so sexy today face sitting on top of her useless slave as he lies on the bed with his nose and mouth underneath Cheyenn'e hot pussy and ass. She is wearing her black bra and her see through black nylons as she sits hard on top of her slaves face making him gasp for air underneath her. Her ass is very tasty but it is hard to breathe

Bbw Sandra face sits on top of her slave with her spandex black pants and her white thong sticking out. Sandra smothers her slaves face with her big ass as she has him pinned to the bed with the full weight of her big body. The chubby mistress only lets up for short periods of time to give her slave small amounts of fresh air instead of breathing her big ass

Mistress Champion loves shaking her booty right before she smothers her ass slave, she plants her sexy fat ass on her slaves face smothering him as she bounces her booty. This heavy mistress loves crushing her slave with her big ass using her full weight and then forcing him to sniff her ass smell as she dances on his face - forcing him to worship her ass as she drops it like it's hot.

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