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Goddess Stephanie wanted to play some video games and not have sex like her boyfriend wanted. He was too horny for her and they had already had sex three times in the course of the day but he wanted more. She did not want him to interfere with her gaming so she facesat him with her hot ass as she played her games. He had to beg her to stop facesitting him.

BigmommaKat pretended not to hear the mean things this loser said about her weight. She waited for a perfect opportunity and when he came to deliver supplies to her the next time, she made him pay for it. She used her enormous weight to torture and facesit on him. She also sat on his other body parts and made him cry and beg for forgiveness.

She answers the door in nothing but a all black leotard for her husband. She lures him into the living room and asks him to lay down. This heavy mistress lies right on top of her man so her ass is in his face and he can smell her. She is enjoying the smothering punishment she is giving her husband. What a way to end her stressful day.

BBW Lady Cathy is in her new lingerie set that accentuates her curvaceous body. She manages to get two foot slaves to join her foot fetish session. Her heavy feet is stuffed into one of the slave's mouth while the other is getting smothered by her big sexy ass.

Lady Cathy commands her slave to lie down on the floor as she plants her sexy fat ass on his face, she loves smothering and crushing her slave by using her full weight while wearing her jeans. This heavy mistress then forces him to smell her ass smell as she smiles while sitting on him laughing at his suffering. This is one heavy facesitting that her slave will never forget.

Lady Cathy is pretty soaked from her workout and decides to treat her slave with the scent of her ass smell. She takes off her pants and shoves them in his face forcing him to smell her scent and then sits her sexy fat ass on his face smothering the air out of him. This heavy mistress has no problems humiliating him as she crushes her slave laughing in his face.

Mistress Champion loves shaking her booty right before she smothers her ass slave, she plants her sexy fat ass on her slaves face smothering him as she bounces her booty. This heavy mistress loves crushing her slave with her big ass using her full weight and then forcing him to sniff her ass smell as she dances on his face - forcing him to worship her ass as she drops it like it's hot.

Mrs. Jackson is getting ready to sit down and do her work as her ass slave sits waiting for his facesitting femdom to use him as a human chair. This full weight smothering mistress comes into the room and sits down on her slaves face smothering him with her fat ass while she works at her desk. This heavy mistress loves using her full weight to smother her slave with no problem.

BBW mistress Lady Cathy loves so sit on her ex boyfriend's faces with her deadly full weight body. That's at least one thing that makes her smile and cut the relationship. Degraded as living cushion and humiliated her ex boyfriend would never come in consideration to be chosen as partner.

Look at this little pathetic wimp. He is so weak and there's nothing more easy than overwhelming and torturing this pig. I make him smell and worship my sexy royal bbw ass, smother him with my full bodyweight and humiliate him all the time and all he can do is telling me how gorgeous and beautiful I am - what a shame of a man what a wimp...

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