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Mistress Champion loves shaking her booty right before she smothers her ass slave, she plants her sexy fat ass on her slaves face smothering him as she bounces her booty. This heavy mistress loves crushing her slave with her big ass using her full weight and then forcing him to sniff her ass smell as she dances on his face - forcing him to worship her ass as she drops it like it's hot.

BBW Lady Miss Jackson is really creative by figuring out new punishment and torturing ideas. This time she has decided to fix her husband slave right to her ass by using a belt. So she can smother and torture him with her bbw ass while she is brushing her teeth and washing herself in front of the bath mirror...

Facesittinglady Miss Jackson has always new ideas to torture and humiliate her slaves. In this clip she had the idea to fix her slave right on her ass with a belt to force him smell and worship her butt. Her plan works very nice and her slave cannot get away. While he is trapped she makes him kiss and worship her tasty butt.

Mistress Jackson's ass is really big and this lady knows how to torture a slave with it. Look at her as she presses her heavy bbw butt right on her slaves face. She enjoys his weak attempts to get away and free himself but continues to smother him with her full weight!

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