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After a hard day at work Miss Jackson's husband want to sniff something. His wife answers the door in pink panty and bra set. She straddles her husband backwards and her ass gets to ass smelling. Her sexy ass covers his whole face. But he's too busy sniffing her asshole. She grips her legs around his neck so that he cannot move.

Big booties are the best to facesit. This conservative chubby mistress puts all of her weight on her new ass slave. She smothers him and makes sure his nose is far up her ass. He is unable to move because she is straddling him. Even though she is heavy he doesn't mind. The more they weigh the hornier he gets.

Wife Miss Jackson has had a busy day. All she wants to do is sit her fat ass on her husband's face and enjoy a game of solitaire on her computer. Draped in a black form fitting lingerie piece Miss Jackson's sexy ass cheeks are showing all of her sexy glory. She walks into the living room while her husband is on the floor and smother him. Her full weight is on his face; she grinds her hips on top of him.

Miss Jackson orders her husband, her facesitting lover, to lay on the floor with a cushion so she can sit on his face. She plops her thong ass on his face backwards and had him smelling her big ass. Her ass slave mumbles something but she doesn't give a damn as she continues his humiliation. Miss Jackson repeatedly sits her heavy ass and grinds her hips on his face. At the end her husband compliments her sexy fat ass.

Queen P comes home from her business meeting only to see her ass slave watching TV and not cleaning up like he's supposed to, as punishment he rubs her bare feet and then lies still as Lady P uses her full weight to crush her slave with her big sexy ass. She loves humiliating him as she smothers the air out of him laughing in his face as she sits there.

Jill Diamond comes into the room where her ass slave is napping on a bench, she crawls up and cuffs him making him completely helpless once he wakes up. This facesitting mistress has a surprise for him, she plants her sexy fat ass on his face smothering him keeping him from getting any fresh air and forcing him to sniff her ass smell. This chubby mistress loves crushing her slaves with a smile.

Mistress Jackson loves to user her sexy curvy bbw ass to torture her slaves. In this case her slave is lying on the ground as she sits on his face and makes him smell her ass. She also demands that her ass is worshipped by him! He does what he was told to like a good little puppy...

Mistress Jackson's sexy bbw ass is covering her slaves face in this clip. She sits on him and covers him up completely. His mouth and nose is stuck between her fat cheeks and his hands are bound together on his back! There's no doubt that there is no escape for him, he has to take this full punishment...

Bbw Mistress Jackson has bound up her slaves hands behind his back as she grabs his head by his hair violently and pushes it all against her sexy fat ass. She wants him to sniff it and makes him smell it. She demands worshipping and ass tonguing like a princess deserves...

Mistress Lady Jackson has put her slaves head on her chair. Next you can see her sitting on it with her sexy bbw ass and her full body weight. She makes sure the slave inhales her ass smell and forces him to worship it while she sits him flat.

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