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Jill Diamond comes into the room where her ass slave is napping on a bench, she crawls up and cuffs him making him completely helpless once he wakes up. This facesitting mistress has a surprise for him, she plants her sexy fat ass on his face smothering him keeping him from getting any fresh air and forcing him to sniff her ass smell. This chubby mistress loves crushing her slaves with a smile.

Amber is a facesitting mistress who loves humiliating her ass slave as she pins him to the floor while he worships her ass. She loves smothering her ass slave with her thick thighs and thong covered ass. This is one facesitting that her slave will never forget as she crushes her slave while he's sniffing her ass as she smiles and laughs in his face because of how pathetic he is.

Lady Cathy and Mistress Cora take turns humiliating their ass slave by sitting on his face in their jeans. These chubby mistresses don't hold back as they use their full weight to smother their ass slave forcing their bound slave to smell their ass smell. These jean wearing facesitting femdoms give their bound humiliated slave no choice but to sit there and take it as they laugh at his suffering.

This little slave agreed to do the dangerous called "extreme test". If he passes it he would receive the honor of being Mistress Cathy's slave, but if he fails she would use him as living cushion for not less than one month. He finally noticed the big mistake he did as he felt her massive weight on his head...

Mistress Cathy wears her sexy pantyhose in this clip. She sits on her slave's face and makes him worship her luxury royal bbw ass. She laughs at him while she humiliates this human living cushion. She loves to degrade her slaves to make them become needful slaves like this one...

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