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Megan is a cute but dominating mistress who is hanging out with her friend and feels like facesitting on her slave for a while. She makes him lie down with his head in the smother box. She sits down on his face with her ass covering his mouth and her pussy covering his nose until he starts to smother. Megan just sits there because she likes the feeling of him smothering.

Bbw Lady Cathy knows her chubby ass is sexy. She wants her ass worshiped so Cathy finds a man willing to be enslaved in the bottom of a piece of furniture then proceeds to sit her fat ass right on it, smothering her victim. All of his breath is slowly coming out but he loves the rush of it. It makes his dick harder by the second. Cathy rocks back and forth.

Mistress Cathy sits on her helpless slave. She smothers him with her full body weight and makes him carry her sexy bbw ass. She laughs at him and humiliates him for being the living seat of a woman. There's actually nothing he can do against her since his hands are bound to the box...

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