Heavy Facesitting - Heavy girls crushing male faces under their asses - Page 48

Mistress Mara is a sexy brunette mature mistress who loves to humiliate her loser slave and today she is teaching him a lesson. She comes into the room and she is wearing a blue tank top with a blue pair of jean shorts and she has her slave laying down so she can sit on his face with her sexy jeans ass and smother him completely. This sexy mistress teaches her slave that he must listen and obey her at all times no matter what!

This loser slave gets sat on by two sexy bbw mistresses wearing tight black pants are ready to have some fun with their loser slave as they make him lay down on the floor on his back. These sexy bbw mistresses then take their big round asses and then sit down on top of their loser slaves face and they smother him completely with their round asses over his nose and mouth smothering him completely.

Mistress Candy and Mistress Aurora are two sexy mistresses who are having some fun with the loser slave girl Bambina as they smother her and sit on her face. Bambina struggles as she takes the pressure of the two sexy mistresses on top of her face and her tiny little body. This loser slave girl gets her entire body crushed with the weight of these sexy mistresses and they show her no mercy as they trample and sit on her face.

This sexy and very dominant mistress is wearing a pair of white panties as she gets ready to smother her loser slave. Over her panties she is wearing a pair of tan pantyhose that she uses to smother her loser slave. She sits on his face with her full weight pressing down on his face and she smothers him completely and she shows him no mercy because she thinks that slaves can not feel any pain.

Mistress Chanel is a sexy blonde mistress who just got home from buying a new copy of Call of Duty Ghosts and she wants to play it all day long on her day off. She has her loser slave come into the room and lay down on the floor in front of the tv and then she sits on his face and smothers him for hours while she plays her new game all day and night long.

This sexy brunette mistress is wearing a black tank top with a pair of blue jeans and a pair of sharp high heels as she sits on her slaves face with her full weight and sexy jeans ass. This sexy babe sits on his face and covers his mouth and nose with her jeans ass pressing down hard on his face and she does not let him breathe until she fells like it.

These two sexy and dangerous girls are using and abusing their loser slave as they humiliate him in public. Lady Deluxe and Barbie are two sexy babes who are having some fun with their slave as Lady Deluxe sits on his face and uses it as a chair. While she is sitting on his face and smothering him Barbie uses her buffalo boots to trample the balls of her loser slave.

Lady Vampira is a sexy brunette babe wearing a black rubber outfit as she ties her loser slave down to a table and then rubs him down with oil. Once he is covered in oil she sits down on his face with her rubber ass and then smothers him with her sexy ass. She does not let him breath at all as she covers his mouth and nose with her sexy rubber ass.

It's Bambina's birthday and what better way to celebrate this occasion than for stunningly gorgeous girls Sibilla and Teodora to subject Bambina to brutal facesitting. One of them sits on her legs so she can't move and the other sits with her full weight smashing her ass on to Bambina's face. They take turns switching back and forth as Bambina lies there helpless being smothered by these girl's sexy asses.

Kacie is possessed by a demon so Gia and Kourtney come to her aid and hold her down with intense facesitting. Kacie tries to move and thrash about, but Gia and Kourtney sit on her body and her face so they can use their sexy asses to force the demon out of her. They spread their sexy ass cheeks apart and push their full weight down on her face to force the demon out.

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