Heavy Facesitting - Heavy girls crushing male faces under their asses - Page 38

Angel wanted to punish this slave for his errant behavior. She facesat on him and enjoyed suffocating him till he asked for forgiveness

Xifeng wanted to show this loser that he was nothing. She read her book while smothering his face with her ass

Angel is not your average girl. She has weird tastes like making guys smell her ass and trampling their faces with her big ass

Emma loves to see her slave in pain. She enjoys his suffering especially when she inflicts it. Today, she wanted to facesit on him and torture him

Laura does not joke when it comes to serious stuff like facesitting on her slaves. She does it slowly and methodically making sure it achieves its desired aim

Miss Jacksons is a BBW who loves to facesit on and smother her slaves with her ass and her enormous weight

Jana wanted to teach this loser a lesson. She made him smell her stinky ass before facesitting on him

Mysteria loves nothing better than she does facesitting on slaves. She likes them to feel her weight and learn how to control their breaths

Teodora, Nancy and Joss wanted to evict Bambina from their apartment. They tortured her with their dirty and stinky asses on her face so that she could leave voluntarily

Bambina is a cruel mistress. She likes girl slaves because they are weak and she can do whatever she wants with them like facesit on them and make them ass smell her

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