Heavy Facesitting - Heavy girls crushing male faces under their asses - Page 40

Teodora, Nancy and Joss wanted to evict Bambina from their apartment. They tortured her with their dirty and stinky asses on her face so that she could leave voluntarily

Bambina is a cruel mistress. She likes girl slaves because they are weak and she can do whatever she wants with them like facesit on them and make them ass smell her

Nancy, Teodora and Joss did not like this new girl. They wanted to make her go away so they tortured her with their asses by smothering her and making him ass smell them

Aurora lost a bet against Kacie and Candy. They made her smell their dirty asses and lick them as well

Candy and her friend Kacie wanted to initiate Aurora into their group. They did to him what they do to slaves. They facesat on him and smothered his face with their dirty and stinking asses

Alexandra and her friend wanted to show this slave that he was nothing. So they facesat on him and made him smell their asses

Kourtney knew this guy wanted to fuck her. So she took advantage and made him smell her ass and farts

Jovana likes to give her ass a treat. And that entails smothering it against someone's face and having him lick it and smell it

This chubby lady was mad this guy had made fun of her weight. She showed her what her weight could do when she facesat on him and smothered his face with her ass. He learned his lesson

Stacey and her friend did not like this guy so they made him their bitch. They facesat on him and almost choked him with their asses

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