Heavy Facesitting - Heavy girls crushing male faces under their asses - Page 59

Little Bambina shouldn't have called Big Rose fat because she is showing her how fat she is by sitting on her face. Big Rose isn't fat but she is tall so Bambina must take on this complete heavy body weight on her face. This is a full weight smothering at it's best and Big Rose has made Bambina her ass slave. This little blonde will never call Big Rose fat again.

Emma is completely smothering Chadam into oblivion wearing her cute little bra and thong. She looks so innocent and you would never know what she is capable of. She is in complete control on him, even his breathing in this thong facesitting femdom. His nose is deep in her pussy and he must smell her juices. He is forced into ass worship as he's losing oxygen minute by minute.

Sexy blonde Diana dressed in her black thong and fishnet stockings sits on her boyfriends face so she can put him in his place. At first the boyfriend loves being underneath her ass but after awhile he wants to get up because he is not able to breathe. But Diana's forced face sitting is relentless as she stays on his face with her sexy ass for as long as she wants

Sexy mistress Ariel ass sits her slave and gets hin into a head scissor dressed in her sexy leather zipped top and her fishnet stockings and black leather studded boots. Ariel looks so hot as she plants her nice ass right down on top of his gface with her thong and fishnet stockings. She leaves her slave red in the face as she grasps him both of her legs

Bbw Sandra face sits on top of her slave with her spandex black pants and her white thong sticking out. Sandra smothers her slaves face with her big ass as she has him pinned to the bed with the full weight of her big body. The chubby mistress only lets up for short periods of time to give her slave small amounts of fresh air instead of breathing her big ass

Sexy brunette Lady Gold is a fetish diva dresses in her sexy black leather pants and her sexy knee length leather boots. She looks so hot leaning back on the couch and she has a special surprise for yo. Lady Gold is going to wrap your face in plastic wrap and that sit right down on your face as a tease. She will also spit right into your face too

Miss Jackson takes her marriage slave and makes him sit next to a lawn chair and lean his head back on to the chair. BBW Mistress Jackson comes and sits down on his face and the chair at the same time. She knows that her face slave is well trained and will take her full weight but she does not know if the chair will be able to hold her full weight.

Mistress Milla is a sexy dark haired mistress with a perfect ass that is covered in tight black pants as she sits on mistress Eileen's face. She puts her full weight on her new slaves face and presses her ass into her nose and mouth so that she controls her breathing. She has no problem sitting on her new seat for over eight minutes while Eileen struggles from the smothering and the weight on top of her.

Mistress Cathy is a sexy bbw blonde mistress that is wearing a black bra and panties set as she makes her slave lay on the floor beneath of her. She is on her knees over her slaves face when she sits down and smothers his face, nose and mouth. She stays sitting and she puts her full weight on his chest to see how much he can handle and no matter how much he tries he can not get free.

This sexy brunette mistress lifts up her skirt and sits on her slaves face with her sexy ass wearing a thong. Her ass cheeks cover his face, mouth and nose so that he can not breathe at all. She puts her full weight on to his face and makes him suffer under the pressure and she sits on him as long as she can to find out how much weight her loser slave can handle.

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