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When he saw their asses, he knew he needed it. He knew he needed to feel their asses in his face and smell their delicious scents. He followed them around the club, begging. He offered them money to go home with him and sit in his face. As soon as he offered the right amount, they left for his apartment. When these ladies got there, they stripped down to their lingerie and sat in his face, riding it until he was exhausted and broke.

This sexy milf with nice big tits sits on her husbands face in her white panties as she reads her newspaper. Her marriage slave has to serve her as a seat cushion every day. The sexy Miss Jacksom makes it very difficult for her husband to breathe as she crushes him with her full weight pressing down on his face with her sexy white panties. She relaxes on her husbands face.

Sexy blonde Queen Kasey takes her bitch to a nightclub where males faces are used as seatcushions. Her bitch, Princess Sierra is amazed that men allow themselves just to be used like this as nothing more than human furniture for women to sit on. The ladies make themselves comfortable at the bar sipping on their drinks while the males are forced to breathe in their pussies and asses.

Sexy brunette Lady Gold is a fetish diva dresses in her sexy black leather pants and her sexy knee length leather boots. She looks so hot leaning back on the couch and she has a special surprise for yo. Lady Gold is going to wrap your face in plastic wrap and that sit right down on your face as a tease. She will also spit right into your face too

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