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Lady Jacksons sexy heavy weight ass is put on the slaves face in this one. She degrades him to be her personal and living cushion and since he is frightened to lose her, he is willing to do anything his mistress orders or commands him. So she takes place on his face and laughs at him...

Mistress Jackson wears a red white skirt as she punishes her slave in this clip. She sits on her slaves chest who is actually laying on the sofa. She rubs her sexy ass all against and over his face and there's nothing he can do against it. Unable to move she keeps laughing at his poor attempts to free himself all the time.

Mistress Lady Jackson loves sitting on her living cushion. Her husband's face is exactly what her ass needs. His breathings are refreshing for her and she likes the humiliating act of using a humans face to rest it on. His poor attempts to free himself when he runs out of air are always amusing for her.

Mistress Lady Jackson has really a lot of fun sitting on her husband's face with her perfect bbw full weight ass. She laughs and evil smiles as she lowers her ass right on his mouth and nose, forcing him to smell and taste her royal scent...

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