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Little Bambina shouldn't have called Big Rose fat because she is showing her how fat she is by sitting on her face. Big Rose isn't fat but she is tall so Bambina must take on this complete heavy body weight on her face. This is a full weight smothering at it's best and Big Rose has made Bambina her ass slave. This little blonde will never call Big Rose fat again.

Mistress Cathy's slave lies on her favorite leather chair with his head as she enters the room, sees him lying there and lowers her sexy fat bbw ass right on his face! No escape for him and now he is trapped. He has to carry her full weight while this cruel Mistress enjoys her power.

Mistress Lady Jackson has put her slaves head on her chair. Next you can see her sitting on it with her sexy bbw ass and her full body weight. She makes sure the slave inhales her ass smell and forces him to worship it while she sits him flat.

Mistress Lady Cathy sits on her slave girl's face. She uses her sexy bbw fat ass to punish and torture her poor little slave girl. She makes sure that she suffers very well under her heavy weight ass and keeps her until she begins to struggle in panic because she runs out of air...

Mistress Cathy and her BBW girlfriend are torturing Cathy's slave. They are both trapping his head in the middle between their asses and smother him! He is literally stuck in this position and there appears no escape for him. After that he is been sat on his face by them in turn...

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