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Cathy just arrives at home from her daily workout. Her jogging trousers are soaked with sweat and she wants to humiliate a slave with them. So she first smothers him by sitting on his face with her entire bbw weight, later she puts them off to press them against her slaves face. In the end she simply smothers him with her string-ass.

Mistress Jackson wears her sexy lingerie in this clip and sits on her slaves face while she prepares herself for a date. She rubs her fat bbw ass over his face all the time and keeps laughing at his poor attempts to get away. His hands are bound together so he is not able to escape her...

Mistress Jackson sits on her new seat while she reads a magazine. The new seat is - by the way - a human (what else). She uses his slave as personal cushion while reading the entertaining magazine. She makes him smell her ass and worship her all the time...

Mistress Cathy wears a very sexy string in this clip. Her slave is fixed on a leather seat as she enters the room. She laughs gets close to him, looks at him and laughs again! She slowly holds her huge bbw ass over his face and tells him the she will enjoy his suffering under her ass, as she slowly begins to lower her fat ass right on his face.

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