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BBW Lady Cathy ha sgot a nice human cushion for her big behind to sit on today as she sits on the face of her male slave on the couch. The slaves face is crushed underneath the big thighs of Lady Cathy as she puts all of her full weight on top of him making it very difficult for the slave to take in fresh air. Lady Cathy relaxes and chills.

BBW Lady Cathy is in her new lingerie set that accentuates her curvaceous body. She manages to get two foot slaves to join her foot fetish session. Her heavy feet is stuffed into one of the slave's mouth while the other is getting smothered by her big sexy ass.

Lady Cathy is in some very tight jeans. brown thongs are peeking out the top of the jeans. She has her ass slave on her bed waiting for that sexy ass to smother their face and they get a good whiff of her ass and pussy. Lady Cathy facesits in all kinds of directions allowing the slave to get as much as they can take.

Lady Cathy is dressed in skin tight clothes with her ass crack peeking through the top of the jeans. Snow white boots covers her feet. Her ass slave is willingly laying on her living room floor waiting for her fat ass to sit and smother him. He wants to be her ass slave and thinks he can take her heavy ass at her full weight.

Lady Cathy does it again, but this time with a sexy blonde willing woman who wants to be smothered by this bbw femdom. Thongs hanging out of the back of her pants she orders the girl to smell her stinky shoe and flips her off when she doesn't do what she is suppose to do.

Chubby Lady Cathy sits on her victim while he lays on the bed. Her thong is exposed as she sits her chubby ass right on his face and grind her thick hips around letting him get a good sniff of her wet pussy through her jeans. Cathy's expertise is in domination humiliation and she doesn't care that she is heavy; it turns her on and puts a smile on her ass slave's face.

Bbw Lady Cathy knows her chubby ass is sexy. She wants her ass worshiped so Cathy finds a man willing to be enslaved in the bottom of a piece of furniture then proceeds to sit her fat ass right on it, smothering her victim. All of his breath is slowly coming out but he loves the rush of it. It makes his dick harder by the second. Cathy rocks back and forth.

Lady Cathy finds her an ass slave that will take in her black thong and big ass right in their face. She makes her ass slave smell her ass to get a full whiff of her. Cathy loves the feel of her ass over this slave's face. Then she turns over on all fours and makes him chew on her black thong and go deep into her tight ass.

BBW Lady Cathy has decided that it's time to sit on her slaves face and pin his hands down as she kneels on his hands with her high heel boots. She plants her sexy fat ass on his face smothering him and crushing him with the full weight of her body forcing him to smell her ass. She then shoves his face into her ass as he's sniffing and she's smiling.

Lady Cathy is sitting on her favorite chair as she commands her slave to lay down so she can use his face as a chair while she calls her girlfriend. This heavy mistress sits down using her full weight to crush her slaves head while wearing her thong panties and forces him to smell her ass smell. She loves humiliating him as she crushes him and tells her girlfriend on the phone how pathetic he is.

Lady Cathy commands her slave to lie down on the floor as she plants her sexy fat ass on his face, she loves smothering and crushing her slave by using her full weight while wearing her jeans. This heavy mistress then forces him to smell her ass smell as she smiles while sitting on him laughing at his suffering. This is one heavy facesitting that her slave will never forget.

Lady Cathy is pretty soaked from her workout and decides to treat her slave with the scent of her ass smell. She takes off her pants and shoves them in his face forcing him to smell her scent and then sits her sexy fat ass on his face smothering the air out of him. This heavy mistress has no problems humiliating him as she crushes her slave laughing in his face.

Lady Cathy loves humiliating you her ass slave, she loves wearing her thong panties as she turns around and sits her fat ass down on your face smothering you from getting any air. She loves forcing you to sniff her ass smell. This BBW Mistress can use her full weight giving you a panty facesitting that you will never forget as you worship her sexy fat ass and thick thighs.

Lady Cathy and Mistress Cora take turns humiliating their ass slave by sitting on his face in their jeans. These chubby mistresses don't hold back as they use their full weight to smother their ass slave forcing their bound slave to smell their ass smell. These jean wearing facesitting femdoms give their bound humiliated slave no choice but to sit there and take it as they laugh at his suffering.

Mistress BBW Cathy wears her favorite bikini set in this clip as she smothers her slave with her full body weight. She sits on his chest and makes him smell her sexy ass while she laughs at him all the time because he cannot escape or free himself. What a shame to be beaten up by a girl.

Sexy Mistress Lady Cathy has her husband's hands cuffed together and decides to punish him by peeking at other woman. She wants him to get used to her smell and makes him so that no other woman would ever touch or consider him as a "man". She does that by sitting on his face and rubbing her sexy ass on his mouth and nose, making him smell her, taste her and rubbing her scent deep into his skin...

BBW mistress Lady Cathy loves so sit on her ex boyfriend's faces with her deadly full weight body. That's at least one thing that makes her smile and cut the relationship. Degraded as living cushion and humiliated her ex boyfriend would never come in consideration to be chosen as partner.

Mistress Cathy sits on one of her loyal slaves faces. He cries and tries to get some fresh air but it's senseless since this bbw Mistress doesn't move any centimeter. Her full weight bbw ass is covering his complete sight and there doesn't seem to be a way to get out of this situation, so he has to take it like a good little slave...

Mistress Cathy's favorite activity is to humiliate her little servants by doing nasty and or ugly thing to them. In this case she sits on his chest with her full weight and spits on his face. He cannot escape, sees as the saliva slowly leaves her mouth and touches his forehead. After that he is commanded to open up his mouth for her...

Look at this little pathetic wimp. He is so weak and there's nothing more easy than overwhelming and torturing this pig. I make him smell and worship my sexy royal bbw ass, smother him with my full bodyweight and humiliate him all the time and all he can do is telling me how gorgeous and beautiful I am - what a shame of a man what a wimp...

Cathy just arrives at home from her daily workout. Her jogging trousers are soaked with sweat and she wants to humiliate a slave with them. So she first smothers him by sitting on his face with her entire bbw weight, later she puts them off to press them against her slaves face. In the end she simply smothers him with her string-ass.

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