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Queen P has a big ass and loves humiliating her ass slaves with it as she uses her full weight to facesit on her slave smothering him with her thick thighs and juicy ass. This chubby mistress forces her slave to sniff her ass smell as while worshiping her fat ass as she laughs and smiles at her slaves suffering. This is one heavy facesitting that they will never forget.

Lilian Blonde loves humiliating her ass slave as she plants her thick juicy very sexy ass on her slaves face smothering them as she polishes her face. This chubby ass mistress can never get enough as she uses her full weight to sit on their face as they worship her fat ass. This femdom with a big ass loves forcing her slave to sniff her ass smell as she smiles at her slaves suffering.

Mistress BBW Cathy wears her favorite bikini set in this clip as she smothers her slave with her full body weight. She sits on his chest and makes him smell her sexy ass while she laughs at him all the time because he cannot escape or free himself. What a shame to be beaten up by a girl.

There's a special drug which numbs the victims muscles and makes him lay there with opened eyes unable to move or to do anything - but the nice thing is that the victim sees, hears and feels everything. That's the best condition to punish, torture and hurt a becoming slave...

The sexy mistress Weronika arrives back home, one day earlier as she has planed and she is very surprised as she catches her ex-boyfriend trying to steal her goods. She beats him down and gives him a quick punishment by sitting on his face with her sexy ass. She makes him smell her and forces him to taste her scent

Mistress Cathy sits on one of her loyal slaves faces. He cries and tries to get some fresh air but it's senseless since this bbw Mistress doesn't move any centimeter. Her full weight bbw ass is covering his complete sight and there doesn't seem to be a way to get out of this situation, so he has to take it like a good little slave...

Miss Jackson sits on her living cushion's face on the sofa while she surfs the web. She rubs her sexy bbw ass over his face and makes him worship and taste it. She loves to have someone in this position, trapped and unable to escape her heavy butt.

Mistress Cathy has many servants. In this clip she wears her sexy lingerie and sits on her bed. Her ex boyfriend is laying on the ground in front of her with his hands bound together. Her bare feet are resting on his face and then she moves her bbw body and you see the surprise: there is another slave right under her ass. Then she calls out for her third servant who immediately enters the room to follow her instructions...

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