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Cathy wears her sexy pink lingerie and black wild leather boots in this great clip. Her slave is fixed to a sofa and ready to be used - or better: abused by his royal mistress. She smiles and sits right on his face! She loves hurting him and making him suffer - and there is no way out, he has to take the full weight of her sexy bbw ass...

Mistress Lady Jackson loves sitting on her living cushion. Her husband's face is exactly what her ass needs. His breathings are refreshing for her and she likes the humiliating act of using a humans face to rest it on. His poor attempts to free himself when he runs out of air are always amusing for her.

There's a special drug which numbs the victims muscles and makes him lay there with opened eyes unable to move or to do anything - but the nice thing is that the victim sees, hears and feels everything. That's the best condition to punish, torture and hurt a becoming slave...

The sexy mistress Weronika arrives back home, one day earlier as she has planed and she is very surprised as she catches her ex-boyfriend trying to steal her goods. She beats him down and gives him a quick punishment by sitting on his face with her sexy ass. She makes him smell her and forces him to taste her scent

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