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When she comes home from a long day at work, she knows that she needs to relax. Her husband knows this too and he is happily waiting for her the way she trained him to. He is waiting for her with his hands behind his back, no shirt and laying on the couch. She takes her pants off, grabs her magazine and sits on him. She puts her ass in his face because that is all that she wants him to smell and see right now.

When bbw Lady Cathys finds a burglar in her house, she has her own brand of punishment. She puts him on a bench and sits on his face. After listening to his moans of pain, she decides to make it worse. She takes her black pants off and sits on his face with only her white thong. She loves knowing that he is smelling her ass and there is nothing he can do about it.

There are times that pretty girls like to play with their victims. These two girls meet a guy in the club and take him back to their place. They tie him up and put him on the couch. They take turns jumping up and down on his stomach and chest. They walk on his dick and balls as he turns red. He has to feel his breath cut off by one of their feet and she sits her ass down on his face, smothering him.

Jennifer could take on Steve any day and this is proven when she sits on his face and he can't move. She is wearing a sexy black and pink lingerie and thong and dominates his face in every direction. He must sniff her sexy ass and pussy as he struggles to breathe through every movement. His face must take on her full weight and he cannot escape even if he wanted to.

Emma is completely smothering Chadam into oblivion wearing her cute little bra and thong. She looks so innocent and you would never know what she is capable of. She is in complete control on him, even his breathing in this thong facesitting femdom. His nose is deep in her pussy and he must smell her juices. He is forced into ass worship as he's losing oxygen minute by minute.

Lena and Yvette have their little slave right where they want him. There is no way he can say no when these two are in nothing thongs. While one is laying down the other is standing on his head and trampling on his back stuffing his nose so far up her ass. His nose feels like a hard cock in her tight ass.

Lady Cathy is sitting on her favorite chair as she commands her slave to lay down so she can use his face as a chair while she calls her girlfriend. This heavy mistress sits down using her full weight to crush her slaves head while wearing her thong panties and forces him to smell her ass smell. She loves humiliating him as she crushes him and tells her girlfriend on the phone how pathetic he is.

Lady Cathy loves humiliating you her ass slave, she loves wearing her thong panties as she turns around and sits her fat ass down on your face smothering you from getting any air. She loves forcing you to sniff her ass smell. This BBW Mistress can use her full weight giving you a panty facesitting that you will never forget as you worship her sexy fat ass and thick thighs.

Amber is a facesitting mistress who loves humiliating her ass slave as she pins him to the floor while he worships her ass. She loves smothering her ass slave with her thick thighs and thong covered ass. This is one facesitting that her slave will never forget as she crushes her slave while he's sniffing her ass as she smiles and laughs in his face because of how pathetic he is.

Mistress BBW Cathy ultimately punishes her slave in this clip. First she strips down her trousers, then she makes him lay on the bed as she sits on his face with her sexy heavy weight BBW ass. He has to carry her whole weight right on his face and there is no way out...

The sexy mistress Weronika arrives back home, one day earlier as she has planed and she is very surprised as she catches her ex-boyfriend trying to steal her goods. She beats him down and gives him a quick punishment by sitting on his face with her sexy ass. She makes him smell her and forces him to taste her scent

BBW mistress Lady Cathy loves so sit on her ex boyfriend's faces with her deadly full weight body. That's at least one thing that makes her smile and cut the relationship. Degraded as living cushion and humiliated her ex boyfriend would never come in consideration to be chosen as partner.

Mistress Weronika also known as the polish Mistress, wears her sexy pink slip and pink high heels in this clip. She sits on her slaves face with her full body weight to humiliate and degrade him by making this pathetic little worm obey her and worship her sexy ass...

Mistress Cathy sits on one of her loyal slaves faces. He cries and tries to get some fresh air but it's senseless since this bbw Mistress doesn't move any centimeter. Her full weight bbw ass is covering his complete sight and there doesn't seem to be a way to get out of this situation, so he has to take it like a good little slave...

There's nothing better than a living seat - that's what Mistress BBW Jackson always has in mind as she sits on her slaves faces with her entire body weight. She loves her power, and she loves to punish her slaves with this cruel method. She makes them inhale her woman scent and enjoys their addiction.

Mistress Jackson wears her sexy lingerie in this clip and sits on her slaves face while she prepares herself for a date. She rubs her fat bbw ass over his face all the time and keeps laughing at his poor attempts to get away. His hands are bound together so he is not able to escape her...

Cathy wears a very cute string in this clip! But the adjective cute fades very fast as you see what this evil girls is doing with it. She sits on her slaves face with her heavy bbw ass and makes him worship her all the time. There is no escape for him and she flattens his face with her royal butt enjoying his suffering.

Mistress Jackson sits on her new seat while she reads a magazine. The new seat is - by the way - a human (what else). She uses his slave as personal cushion while reading the entertaining magazine. She makes him smell her ass and worship her all the time...

Mistress Cathy wears a very sexy string in this clip. Her slave is fixed on a leather seat as she enters the room. She laughs gets close to him, looks at him and laughs again! She slowly holds her huge bbw ass over his face and tells him the she will enjoy his suffering under her ass, as she slowly begins to lower her fat ass right on his face.

Mistress Jackson's ass is really big and this lady knows how to torture a slave with it. Look at her as she presses her heavy bbw butt right on her slaves face. She enjoys his weak attempts to get away and free himself but continues to smother him with her full weight!

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